Abstract Garden


Virtual Gallery of Karen K. Paquette
Contemporary Artist

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My ideas for art
sprout like seeds 
in my mind,
grow with a passion
in my heart

planted on paper, canvas,
cloth or whatever is handy.....

Transformed into ‘
objets d'art’
for you to see
and enjoy.

Come back and see what inspires
me through the seasons.
Portion of
"Dreaming of a Summer's Day" 
Sold and now living in Charleston, SC

Like Odilon Redon “I await joyous surprises while  working, an awakening of the materials
that I work with and that my spirit develops”. 

I use abstract expressionism in a personal, symbolic way to give context to universal concepts and archetypes.  Mixed media allows me to explore and experiment until what I see on canvas or paper has a pleasing form and meaning.  By  drawing on my lifelong experience in ceramics, weaving, basket making, papermaking and painting, I create pieces of art with   multilayer textural effect and design  and hope the end result will spark your imagination and provoke an exciting visual memory!